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2010/05/06 19:37
Name : WWW.CATZREVIEW.COM ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : UK

Hello catfight fans!

Ferocious hellcat, busty blonde Summer tries to get her fight with feisty little brunette, Rocket over with in double quick time. She soon realises that there is more to this tiny little sexy brunette than meets the eye! Summer throws the kitchen sink (and some four letter words) at her opponent, but the young lady keeps coming back into the fight and makes it a test of stamina in this wild topless catfight!

I make no apology for the bad language in this fight as it is not against the rules.

If it is a CATZ_R then you know it's authentic and BRUTAL!




Emma & the team

2010/05/06 18:42
Name : fightinggirls ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : Austria
Subject : FG 61 Manu vs. Carina Pillow Fight and Wrestling

Manu, 29 j, 52 kg, 173 cm vs Carina, 20j, 56 kg 175. This is a special fight with special rules! The girls make a nice pillow fight, after some seconds they start to fight. At the half of the fight new rules. It`s not allowed to touch the floor outside the mat, so the opponent gets one point. In this clip you see 2 armwrestling matches a lot of good wrestling, hard pillow fights and the girls try to kick the other girl out of the mat. Who is the winner?

2010/05/06 15:26
Name : si-admin ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : SIMovies - 2 full length movies added!!

TWO full length Mixed Wrestling movies added at http://simovies.net

SV69 featuring Toni and CFV-59 featuring Pythona - The Chiropractor. 334 titles available!

2010/05/06 15:04
Name : WWW.VIDEOREALCATFIGHT.COM ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : panama
Subject : Kathyuska Vs Yaqueline

Kathyuska and Yaqueline this Was a fantastic catfight with viscious hairpulling slapping!! a real and very strong catfight. For 9 minutes you will enjoy total action with real latin cats fight whit everything in the ring for win. Enjoy this catfight!!! Length: 9 minutes

VIDEO CLIP: http://www.videorealcatfight.com/corto.php?id=3

2010/05/06 14:03
Name : Academybruce ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : SOAP 325: Abby Aldrich vs Gia Deveaux

If you haven't seen Gia, she's a hot, strong 5'7" 140lb. woman who just always happens to get paired up with bigger, stronger women, Abby being one of them. Gia's a confidant woman, no slouch here. She brings the fight to "The Amazon", but is unable to get around Abby's long limbs, and finds herself being countered at every move by the anaconda like Abby.

Abby, 5' 10" and a lean 150lbs., at no point seems threatened, smiling her way through counters and submissions. She even throws in a little titty smother and face straddle action for fun.

Give Gia all the credit in the world, the submissions are too many to count, but she keeps coming back for more, and Abby is more than happy to oblige. Shortly into Part 2 of the video, after a nasty sub, the match takes a more erotic tone, as it's obvious who's in charge.

By part three, it's a totally nude and sexy as hell as Abby toys with her victim, using her assets to dominate Gia, and a full on wrestling seduction goes down before the loser is forced to beg to fucked! Part four is all hardcore, all "Amazon". Way better than National Geographic!!

Almost 50 minutes of all out wrestling , domination, and hardcore sex, starring Abby Aldrich and Gia Deveaux.

2010/05/06 12:57
Name : www.nextdoorcatfight.com ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : New 3 part match

Analiese and Melinda start out with tests of stregnth. Arm wrestling, mercy, leg wrestling, and double scissors. Then they move on into a rough catfight. In the final part they grind tits, have a tit and crotch mauling contest. all action is 100% real.check it out.

2010/05/06 12:08
Name : WWW.VIDEOREALCATFIGHT.COM ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : panama

This particular fight is fantastic and it begins with GinaVsAnyi but Gina has given up the battle, she saw that anyi was superior and she did not want to continue..because of this her sister mariana wants revenge for all the times gina got hit by anyi, Mariana is coming because she wants to win this battle for herself and for her sister. Lenght:7 min

VIDEO CLIP PREVIEW: http://www.videorealcatfight.com/corto.php?id=12

2010/05/06 11:40
Name : AS Film ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : Germany
Subject : New download movie


New download movie GM 2112 / 1 * Topless Wrestling Big Busted SHANAN against CLAUDIA. Many more than 500 download Movies online.


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Best Regards AS Film

2010/05/06 10:29
Name : FEMMEFIGHT ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : UK
Subject : Keira vs Jenkins - May 6, 2010

Keira vs Jenkins - May 6, 2010

Impatient patient Nurse Keira Jones battles against Jenkins in a hair pulling, clothing destruction bitch fight.



2010/05/05 23:34
Name : Steel Kittens ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Female Topless Wrestling!

Manage to get your head caught between my assets!

2010/05/05 22:54
Name : catfightreport ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Was Madonna in a real catfight with famous artist's girlfriend?

A lady claims "it is so" in a video embedded in the link above.

2010/05/05 15:23
Name : Catfight-Corner ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : Europe
Subject : "Steaming Fitness Fight" - Clip Update !!!

See our newest clip update:

E-C-C 063 "Steaming Fitness Fight" - Part 2 (22min.)

Bianca Germany and Nicole Savage have a sexfight showdown.Bianca is ready to

fight for her guy with nasty attacks. They wrestle, stripping and turned on for

pussy rubbing into each other. This rivals get down and grinding crotch to

crotch in a steaming tribadism catfight with many orgasms to see who is the reel

fitness girl!!

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2010/05/05 12:34
Name : WWW.VIDEOREALCATFIGHT.COM ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : panama
Subject : Genesis Vs Carolina WWW.VIDEOREALCATFIGHT.COM


this is the video clip http://www.videorealcatfight.com/corto.php?id=9

2010/05/05 08:43
Name : APL ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : Europe
Subject : Coming up on May at APL


On May we’ll post no less than 9 movies on our site.

Please use the link above to know everything about those movies.

APL staff

2010/05/05 03:27
Name : Academybruce ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : SOAP 325: Abby Aldrich vs Gia Deveaux

Abby is back! After her devastating loss to Ariel X, Abby is back on the mats in a surprise return visit to the Academy.

The complete match will be available for download Thursday, May 6, 2010. For now check out the trailer at Ariel X's Naked Wrestling News!