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2010/04/05 04:36
Name : SheFightz ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Facesitting SheFightz Babe

Ebony assworship and facesitting by SheFightz babe Sinnamon. Big ass smothering and facesitting by the schoolgirl from hell. SchoolGirls rule at SheFightz.

2010/04/05 00:28
Name : catfightreport ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Ultimate Surrender Review - Angelica Saige vs Winter Sky



2010/04/04 16:55
Name : John ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Blonde Catfight

2010/04/04 16:51
Name : John ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Womens Mixed Wrestling

2010/04/04 16:29
Name : Academybruce ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Wenona in a trly competitive and unscripted match

Andi debuted in SOAP 208 on September 04, 2008 by beating the snot out of her equally newbie opponent. Andi learned so fast and did so well, we figured we’d reward her with Wenona, the five foot ten inch, 125 pound hard-body fitness model and adult actress! Wenona has been wrestling for nearly 3 years at some other place, and, like Andi, this is Wenona’s second Academy match. Both have a lot to learn. Neither is as good as we saw a couple weeks ago with Isamar and Mira, but both are good. The match is mainly grinding breast to breast pins and attempts to head and body scissor a submission because both women are strong and smart and quick and in great shape but neither is strong enough to overpower the other and neither knows enough techniques to get joint lock submissions. At Wenona’s request the women didn’t choke in this match. There is real passion involved as both really liked the other and both really gave everything they had to win. They fought for 30 minutes, dead even, both loving the combat, until finally someone submitted and yes she did get done with the strap-on. Hard. So after a fuull video of nearly 45 minutes, they never slowed down for a second but went right for the two headed dildo AND the super Hitachi vibrator and both have violent and simultaneous orgasms befitting such an incredibly even fight!

2010/04/04 14:48
Name : Paanther100 ( Web Site )
Country : U. S. A.
Subject : Quisha Page (WHAM)

Sister site for Sabre Studios and Amazonian Women:


From the site:

" All of Survivor Video and Amazonian Womens videos are for sale here on this website. Enjoy these great matches of the past and look forward to the future! "

2010/04/04 05:44
Name : Catfight-Corner ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : Europe
Subject : New DVD's Online !!!

Take a look at our newest update in the DVD Store:

E-C-C 100 "Sexfight Tournament" Fight 31

Blond newcomer Claudia in her first sexfight tournament match with real lesbian and tribadism action, strong bearhugs and a titfight contest, vs Vicky W. The two big breasted pussy pounders fight with sensual power and slick pussy on pussy action to get your vote and to be the better sexfighter today.

Runtime: 44 min. + 40 min. Bonus

E-C-C 107 "Lose the Temper"

Two aspiring lap dancers collide before the audition starts truly. Newcomer Cherie Noir forced Bianca Germany to show her and the clup owner, how good her way is. But Bianca really knows how to fight, too and she is not happy with the new girl. Both dancers started a leg locked rolling, crotch to crotch and breast to breast catfight with naked bodys and pussys what soon becomes a heated sexfight at its most intense. Anyway you choose!!!

Runtime: 37min. + 36min. Bonus


!!! DVD Special !!!

All titles from E-C-C-001 to E-C-C-030 for only 14.95 Euro per movie!!!

All titles from E-C-C-031 to E-C-C-056 for only 19.95 Euro per movie!!!

2010/04/03 23:12
Name : Pro Style Women's Wrestling ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : New Hot Download - Pro Style Women's Wrestling

Onyx, a sexy and fit street fighter, is up for a big part in a wrestling movie and once again someone is in her way. That someone is Valentina a sexy high-class primadonna. Both women are very determined to get this roll. This audition is just for one and neither one will leave with out a fight. Valentina has no idea who she is up against, and is in for the beating of her life! One girl will never show her face around here again! See it Now!


2010/04/03 23:06
Name : Topless Mixed Wrestling ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : New Hot Download - Topless Mixed Wrestling

Buxom Alexis goes all out in this mixed wrestling ring match. The ring reverberates with howls, screams and powerful holds. The man is in for a surprise as Alexis is very strong and agile, giving him a fight he won’t forget.

Very Sexy!


2010/04/03 23:03
Name : Mud Wrestling Championships! ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Hot New Download - Mud Wrestling Championships

This unique vintage professional women’s wrestling tape features eight gorgeous and fiercely competitive girls colliding in the best mud wrestling tournament we've ever viewed. Held in Las Vegas in 1981, the action was extremely intense and the production was superior. This tape will eclipse any and all mud wrestling tapes in your possession with it's fierce battles and young, athletic bodies. Here's mud in your eye! See it Now! You'll Love it!


2010/04/03 23:01
Name : Topless Mixed Wrestling! ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : New Hot Download - Topless Mixed Wrestling

The ever sexy Lindsey, is out to prove something and boy is she dangerous. Torturing the poor male to no end in this topless mixed wrestling match. His efforts are only replied with more painful holds of submission. See it Now!


2010/04/03 22:53
Name : Sexy Catfight! ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : New Hot Download - Sexy Catfighting!

Clothes are ripped off, breasts are squeezed and mashed and both girls are ravaged, as their every part is a target for terror. These sexy hot women leave nothing uncovered, nothing unbattered!! See Now!


2010/04/03 22:50
Name : Female Domination Wrestling ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : USA
Subject : Hot New Download! Female Domination Wrestling

Fire has been paid to "take her out! To completely destroy and dominate the beautiful Belle. Belle is thoroughly demolished by Fires brutal and incessant beating in this professional womens wrestling match. Belle becomes a punching bag as Fire pounds her with fists, knees, stomps and back-breakers, just to name a few of the painful blows and....

You Will Love it!


2010/04/03 18:42
Name : AS Film ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : Germany
Subject : 7 New DVD and 2 New download


03.04.2010 - 7 New DVD and 2 New download

New AS 210 Topless Wrestling with New Girl Sunny VS Diana. New on DVD and

download GM 2203 Catfight and New on DVD DT 264, DT 288 NVP 313, NVP 315 and CVP 5.


My another Sites




Best Regards

AS Film

2010/04/03 18:38
Name : WWW.CATZREVIEW.COM ( Mail ) ( Web Site )
Country : UK

Hello catfight fans!

Tornado and Alida go head-to-head in a barnstorming topless catfight that is an absolute thriller minute. Hold onto your hats as these two youngsters only know one way to fight, and that's to tear into one another and keep going until their opponent can take no more!

If it is a CATZ_R then you know it’s authentic and BRUTAL!





Emma & the team